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Save your golf club time and money with our range of energy services. 




Energy Expertise for Golf Clubs & Courses

We understand the unique charm and allure of UK golf courses and clubs. As your trusted energy partner, we're here to ensure that your focus remains on providing an exceptional golfing experience while we take care of your energy needs.

Take Control of Utilities Contracts

We offer an invoice validation service to give you peace of mind that you're being charged the agreed rates and appropriate levies by your energy supplier.

Ongoing Energy Account Support

To help you keep on top of your energy consumption, our advisers provide practical advice and deal with energy suppliers on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Sustainability and Renewables

We're committed to the environment, just like you preserve and nurture your pristine greens. We understand the importance of sustainability in the golf industry, and we're here to support your green initiatives

Compliance and Legislation

We'll help you with energy-related compliance assessments, such as Energy Performance certificates (EPC's), Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and much more

Energy Procurement Services

we recognise that each golf club is unique. That's why we deliver energy contracts that align perfectly with your consumption patterns and operational requirements, ensuring optimal efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Water Bill Analysis

Our advisers can audit your billing history and work with you to recoup any monies owed if you have been overcharged

Site Works and Metering

If your meters need to be upgraded, or if you are developing a new site, we'll help you manage the planning and implementation of any cabling, pipe works or meters on your property

Energy contracts for golf courses

Discover How We Can Help You

We can offer you a free energy health check, even if you're not a customer. Talk to our experienced team today.

Bringing Our 'A Game' to Golf Course Owners

Tee off with Troo and let us be your energy caddy. Elevate your golf course or club with cost savings, sustainability, and streamlined energy management. While you focus on creating unforgettable golfing experiences, we'll handle your energy needs with efficiency and care.

Business Energy for Golf Clubs

"Because of our previous excellent working relationship, we are about to head into another agreement with Troo, where we are confident, they will assist our Club Managers and Secretaries to make wise and measured decisions within the utility market and provide savings where possible. Troo have at all times been honest and upfront about the work they are undertaking for the Clubs in our area"

David Doig, Secretary, Lothians Golf Association

Take Energy Costs Out of the Rough

Whether you run a sprawling golf resort or a quaint club, Troo has the expertise to deliver tailored energy solutions to match your specific requirements. Let us handle the energy market complexities while you concentrate on ensuring every golfer enjoys a memorable day on your course.

Driving Cost Savings

Managing a golf course or club involves various expenses, and energy costs can be a significant factor. Troo is dedicated to helping you drive cost savings on your energy bills. With our strong industry connections, we can negotiate the fairest energy rates on your behalf.

Support That's Always There

At Troo, we're more than just an energy supplier; we're your loyal teammate. Our dedicated customer support team understands the unique demands of golf courses and clubs, and is ready to assist you with advice and support, we're just a call or email away.

Business energy for golf clubs

"I have personally known Paul Davison from Troo for more than ten years.  As a Golf Club General Manager, working with suppliers who are honest, reliable and trustworthy is essential to the success of my role. Paul holds these qualities in abundance and as a result of this, I have followed him in his promotions to new companies over the many years I have now worked with him.

Layla Levy, General Manager, The Whitley Bay Golf Club

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Business energy for golf clubs
Business energy for golf courses

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