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Troo is here to be your cornerman, always on hand to help you combat rising energy costs.


Box Clever With Your Energy Contracts

We're in your corner, providing reliable energy support so that you can focus on honing the skills of the next boxing champions. Whether you operate a small boxing gym or a thriving club, we're here to deliver energy solutions that pack a punch.

Take Control of Utilities Contracts

We offer an invoice validation service to give you peace of mind that you're being charged the agreed rates and appropriate levies by your energy supplier.

Ongoing Energy Account Support

To help you keep on top of your energy consumption, our advisers provide practical advice and deal with energy suppliers on your behalf so you don’t have to.

Sustainability and Renewables

Our energy solutions team who can advise you on suitable renewables options, on-site generation and carbon reduction recommendations for clubs.

Compliance and Legislation

We'll help you with energy-related compliance assessments, such as Energy Performance certificates (EPC's), Environmental Social Governance (ESG) and much more

Energy Procurement Services

Troo is dedicated to helping you deliver knockout blows to your energy bills. Leveraging our strong relationships with leading energy suppliers, we negotiate the fairest energy rates on your behalf. .

Water Bill Analysis

Our advisers can audit your billing history and work with you to recoup any monies owed if you have been overcharged

Site Works and Metering

If your meters need to be upgraded, or if you are developing a new site, we'll help you manage the planning and implementation of any cabling, pipe works or meters on your property

Troo sport boxing

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Delivering a Counter Punch to Energy Costs

We understand the passion and commitment that fuel the UK boxing community. As your dedicated energy partner, we're here to ensure your boxing club delivers powerful performances both inside and outside the ring.

Troo. Your Knockout Energy Partner

We understand that managing a boxing club requires financial agility. That's why Troo is committed to helping you deliver knockout blows to your energy bills. With our strong relationships with leading energy suppliers, we step into the ring on your behalf and negotiate the best energy rates possible.

Dedicated Support

Troo is not just an energy supplier; we're your dedicated support team, always ready to assist and advise boxing clubs. Our friendly customer support specialists understand the unique challenges the sector faces and provide hands-on guidance to help clubs make the most of their energy plans.

Trusted Expertise for Boxing Gyms

Experience the power of our energy solutions for boxing clubs. Together, we'll create a winning combination of cost savings and streamlined energy management.

Troo sport boxing

As the UK boxing community faces unique challenges, Troo is stepping up to provide unwavering support to boxing clubs across the nation. We understand the specific pain points that you're experiencing at this time, and we're here to help you overcome one of the significant hurdles - rising energy costs.


We're here to empower your club to combat rising energy expenses, so you can continue making a positive impact in the boxing community. Step into Troo's corner today, and let us help you achieve victory over energy costs, one punch at a time.

Troo sport boxing
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